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Double-yoo tee eff question-mark
- misc LiveJournal commenter dude

p0rnish... yet funny..
Click this link at your own risk.
best to do when alone..

- shame-filled LiveJournal dude

- Animal Crossing-loving LiveJournal dude

wow, I can be a hentai mangaka!
- a cool Exploitation Now forum person

Man, you different time zone people make me sad.
- sad different-time-zoner person (and a fan/friend)

Anime Moments in History - The complete and total opposite of Megatokyo and Life of Riley, and damn proud of it! This is an angry comic that directly attacks anything and everything, especially anime and the like. It reaches out and drags the absolute worst of the genre, and the fandoms that worship it, out into the open, and proceeds to beat on it. One strip even raised the ire of the a number of anime boards, encouraging John (one of the creators) to enter the fray, not to defend it, but to spread racist remarks. These are people who don't care who they piss off or how, they just plain enjoy it. And so do I. (Note: I doubt John is actually racist, he did it only to get a rise out of people. He's an Old Man Murray alum after all.)
- dude on a message board

- crying-on-the-inside LiveJournal commenter dude

Those two comics are funny, but the rest of that comic is crap. *blech*
- an Exploitation Now-reading CUNT

*combs through more archives but this time of a moe amusing comic* could be right here. http://sexylosers.keenspace.com/003.html Last panel. *continues work on her English project*
- another EN-reading bitchy McBitchery, who eventually got totally wet for me and I would've fucked until I found out she was like 13

Okay, this guy's either gonna get pounded by me or Pyro for unappropriate use of the Japanese language (in my case) or just for switching languages period.
STFU n00b, and if you're going to be this nuts use a consistent language before we foist KC's Spanglish on you.
Grr . . .

- more of the same in response to me saying "nani" once

What's the deal with these guys? At first glance they seem to be two of many untalented gravel-sucking, mentally incapacitated shitbags who woke up one morning and decided to create their own intellectual plague in the form of a webcomic. It should be noted, however, that these people (if you can even call them that) wouldn't know the funny if it drove a DeLorean back in time and jerked off on that one-legged, disease-infested whore that spawned them.

Dig a little deeper though, and you'll find what may be an attempt at a parody of the excesses of anime fandom. I say "may" because usually parodies are clever and/or funny. For instance, in a parody of The Matrix, Neo could do that whole "leaning back to dodge the bullets" thing, and a bullet would fly past and snap a wire on his harness, dumping him onto the ground. A little too much slapstick perhaps, but you can understand what I mean. Their idea of a parody would be calling the movie "The Gaytrix" and filling the entire thing with anal sex jokes, with occasional pauses so the characters could laugh at them. It is neither clever nor funny, and instead comes off as a lame-ass insult that even the most base of Something Awful forum-goers would be ashamed to say, which just serves to show how downright sad they really are. If the quality of any of these comics is the least bit indicative of their mental capacity, I'm surprised they don't forget to breathe.

Ironically, the few comics that are funny weren't even done by them. What a fucking surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. RRRRRRRRG OH GOD I CAN'T FEEL MY HANDS SO FILLED WITH RAAAAAAAAAGE
- hypersensitive internet "denizen" (my emphasis, and probably intended-but-forgotten comment, added at the end there)

I just can't seem to find this "funny" thing you speak of.
- about 50 seperate people, over and over, on the Penny Arcade forums

[K. Thor Jenson, co-creator of Portal of Evil, and Jimmy Mnemonic] have no artistic ability/integrity.
- various message board zombies


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