Kapow, a POE friend, said to link to this in relation to the most recent comic:

Also, please enjoy this fine site of quality from AMH Fun Pal, Prism:

Yes, Keenspace was down. There should be a (shitty) comic (by me) going up about that, eventually, now that the FTP is back up. If you weren't reading my (horrible) LiveJournal, I mentioned the status of Keenspace there. Also of note, I'm doing some cleaning on AMH, clearing off the shittier comics. The list is on my LiveJournal, so if you for some reason want to keep those comics (not for use on any sites of course, without permission) then you better save them as soon as possible. Oh yeah, and there's a new Kthor comic that should be up in a day or two, along with some new Prism drawings that will go up.

Also, my policy on user submitted comics is going to tighten up. I won't just put up anything anymore. You can show me a comic you draw, and I might put it up on the gallery. Even if I like it, I might not put it up as an AMH comic.

A couple dudes who drew the pong comic wanted me to whore their site out here, OR WHATEVER. Hey I'm not above that. HEH!
PS: yeah we're still planning on more Kaythoowar comics. I know there was a lull for a while, but there's stuff to be planned for, at least once a week unless there's a delay. K. Thor is really busy, he works and has a job. And I don't really do shit.

Be on the lookout for new comics by Kthor, in a special new series for AMH. Monday!

By the way, here is a little page our pal Jimmy "Namonikx" Mnemnonic made: ANIME + DICKS! It is very lowbrow and immature! O_O GASP

Today's comic based on this:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
The thread here has been deleted from the board, which I figured would happen which is why I got these wonderful backups. ^_________^
Oh yeah and later in the thread people started posting that tubgirl pic all over the thread apparently trying to shock us evil trolls, but of course it backfired on them because it turned out they were the only ones being shocked.

Clearly, today's comic is the best one ever.

Jimmy sent in this September 1st comic in regarding this here site,

Helo to our new series! Zero-K Convention. Because I couldn't think of anything better, and to associate it as a parody of 10k Commotion which is about DDR players. Whatever conclusions you come to about that description of 10k Commotion is probably what you will think of the comic itself. That would be a shame if our parody ended up being better than their entire comic. :(

Okay now we don't need a new artist. ^_^

YES WE NEED A NEW ARTIST PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might just "hire" (minus pay) that Jimmy Mnensmeonics dude from the ococky, he's good. :)

Today's comic is a reference to this here:
And note the banner which is like a da DEES A?

We aren't going to be doing anything special for the 4th of July, as far as I know. In fact we might only update like once (if at all) in the next month. The people who can actually draw are going to be busy. Maybe I could do one of those hilarious sprite comics that are so popular.
PS: vote for Curb Your Enthusiasm! ;_;!!!!!!!!

Well that oekcaockyie is back up. I don't know what happened. But it's up and all the pics are still there. So if anyone cares: that's good. I would still want one on a different site though. Without all those <^-^>CANDYFUN links all over.

The oCOCKey is down. I don't know if they'll ever come back up, because the site is all in some crazy language I don't understand. If we could get some webspace that would allow us to upload some oeckkdey shit (in English!!!!!) then we could just put it up somewhere else. Where it would also be more reliable. Although someone would have to know how to make the damn thing work too.

Also, the Cafepressshops store thing might go away as well. They want my social security number for tax reasons and they are apparently getting more stingy than ever before. I WILL ADMIT I'M MAKING NO MONEY OFF OF IT. SOB. Therefore, there are no sales to get cheated out of. Anyway if you want a Kaworu shirt or whatever, it might be a good idea to get it right now, because the store could be gone at any time, I have no idea.

Today's comic is based on this really weird British commercial:

It's about 8 megs, Quicktime, embedded in a page, and you have to put in an occupation before you can see it (just put in anything, WUTEVER). There are many thoughts that this commercial induces, like apparently they thought of lots of ways to abuse children when making this commercial. Or, another thought, they've found a way to make child abuse CUTE AND FUNNY. ^_____^ Leave it to the British I guess.

I decided that the pic looks kind of fruity. My ass looks all big and I am trying to smile and failing. Why am I wearing a wooly jacket INDOORS? It is like Hunter S. Thompson's red woolen jacket that he spilled the powdery LSD on that Flea came in and licked off. Except it is not red. O_O

Anyway, just updating to let you know that I still contain the power to update this page. No new comics are planned but that doesn't mean that I might not update TOMORROW. I might not but that does not mean that. I would say that is a very profound thing for me to say, in fact!

That does not mean that.

Here's a cuter pic of a beshirted Kaworu person.

See new pic under the Cafeshops link on the left.

Candice went out to SakuraCon. Lots of cosplay to be had. She met the Penny Arcade guys and even gave them the URL here (the guy she talked to seemed interested in the whole "making fun of otakus" angle). Tonight's comic should be the first in a series of SakuraCon comics we like to call "Sakura Con Diaries." What else could influence us so well? Except for Candice and I both going to an anime convention together, but right now that's not so likely. Anyway, keep an eye out for new comics, coming really soon.

A reader sent fanart. Hell I'm not above putting that up. It's in the gallery, CHECK IT PPLZ!!!!!!13three.
Oh yeah, AMH got into the top ten on that TopWebComics voting site thing. I screencapped it.

I added a little reviews page. Keenspace was being slow yesterday but now it's not slow. It was pretty horrible (fucking) timing because of Mac Hall link, which may have given us a ton of extra traffic like I have not seen before. To those Mac Hall fans: you're a long way away from Megatokyo territory! RUAHAHAHHA

A little redesigning of this page, since it needs it. I'll be adding new updates and stuff that relate just to the comic. This isn't going to turn into a blog or anything. I already have a LiveJournal (almost empty). Anyway, if you see the most recent comic is that "dunt" one, I want all of you to know that yes, I know it sucks, and yes, I did draw it. And it sucks.

Anyway, here is an important thing! Mac Hall linked here. Will that plan backfire on them and/or us? Who can say? I do know that there have been many occasions where people who read one webcomic ended up at AMH, and were disgusted. Exploitation Now readers, this means you.

PS: Thanks Fussbett for getting this redesign to work properly.