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Gallery. Yay. :(

Here's the banner we had up for the Sakura Con Week comics.

Here is some fanart sent by, APPARENTLY, a fan. That is what the word "fanart" would imply after all. Thanxcksgsx "Genfguy"! I would say it probably sums up most AMH readers' initial reactions.
Fanart #1

Here is yet another by a person named Swadsy. His birth name? I dunno!
Fanart #2

Here is a small sample of the previous work of the authors.

John (and brother Josh) Cable. VERY previous work. Josh doesn't do anything for this webcomic, actually, but we're identical twins, and everything between us is like shared.

Old notepad comic by John "Excitement" Cable--ME!!!!!. Notice the attention to detail.

More exciting storytelling by Josh and John Cable. Okay, I'm John Cable, because I'm the only person who's going to be making these pages. Candice gets the tough work: drawing stuff. I can't, so I try to live vicariously through her by demanding she draw me stuff. Not that she owes me anything. But I'm the one who knows HTML here.

A taste of our early satirical works! Then our favorite Star Trek characters come in and save the day! These pictures are about six years old now, and we did them when we were 14. Comic drawing was a huge diversion for us, but we didn't read comics or anything. Now we're all grown up, and I'm not even going to try to draw anything anymore. Take my word for it, Candice's stuff is better.

NEW! (and probably as new as this update is ever going to get)

Part 2 of the above Star Trek/Power Rangers comic. This one looks like a Pokey the Penguin comic, doesn't it? It would also make an awesome Star Trek game. We loved TNG back then.

Old comic
This is a Cobra Triangle comic my brother drew about ten years ago. Notebooks full of stuff like this. It's hard to tell what's even going on here.

Old defaced instruction book
From the Link's Awakening Gameboy instruction book. If we saw an opportunity to take a pen and start defacing old video game books or things we had, we'd do it. That's another thing we have from ten years ago that's still around.

Candice Johnson stuff.

Some Phantasy Star Online fanart kind of thing. Important update from Candice: "It's actually Alien Front Online, STUPID." ;_;

I liked this one, personally. :)!

This is an example of why I like hand drawn more. And in black and white. PLUS THIS CHICK IS LIKE HOT.

A collaberation! She started drawing on an Okakieiei(eiei) board, and then when she stopped, I finished and screencapped it. OBVIOUSLY. Notice my creepy handwriting. I can type better and faster than I can write my own damn name. Oh, and the "walnut" is actually an eye I tried to draw. I failed immediately, then I cried a whole lot.

For all those who feel down sometimes... GET OVER IT.

This is exactly how long we've known each other. From another comic collaberation we tried once, before the huge webcomic boom. The idea wasn't meant to be a webcomic of course.

More NEW!

Candice's version of my brother and I. Our hands and feet don't REALLY look like this. WE'RE SO CUTE ^______^

Nepchewn 1 and Nepchewn 2
Notice the difference some effort makes.

Candice sold this for like $70 to some Tenchi fan dude on eBay
1: She doesn't like Tenchi (because it's a fucking dumb show for fucking balloonheads). 2: It's a really good pic. 3: WE ARE WILLING TO SELL OUT FOR MONEY, PEOPLE.

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