Submitted Comics

Here is a little bit about the people who submitted comics (most of them being people I know). It's getting to be a handful of people so I thought I would document them for whatever reason.

Note: the specific comics I link to here won't be a constantly up to date list, just examples of some of the comics they've done so far, not ones they may make in the future.

Sabotender: a.k.a. stabbough10dur or whatever, named after the cactus enemy in the Final Fantasy games. At least that's what he told me. I thought those guys were called MR. CACTI^_^. Ahahaha ha. This guy has been stalking me from newsgroups to the ToastyFrog board to the Old Man Murray board. He can draw about as well as Candice, and way better than me, so that's why he's submitted the most comics (plus: I like the ones he makes).
Examples: 20020621, 20020730, 20020824, 20020826.

Kit: Friend of Candice's, I guess. Don't really know the guy but got permission to use a sketchboard drawing he made for the comic. I saved it as a jpg which makes it look pretty shitty actually, I don't know why I didn't go with gif. Live and learn!

Very Metal: Dude from Ecchi-Attack. Just thought his sketchboard thing was good enough to tack up on the site real quick for a day's update. He loves Kaworu, which is a good thing because he was the best character in that entire fucking Eva series. For ONE EPISODE. Mr. Very Metal is totally hetero though people, YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT.

Hunter: A guy who apparently read the articles I wrote (as Jane Doe) on Ecchi-Attack, and saw the comic eventually. Only after I was banned for life from the Ecchi-Attack message boards though (I consider getting banned from a porn message board something to be proud of, BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME ^____^). He drew a funny thing about furries on the board that I thought was easily worthy of a space on the comic.

John Cable? I'm the writer because I can't draw for shit. Did I mention that yet? YES, I DID. Anyway, I draw when I come up with an idea that's too simple or stupid for me to even want to bother Candice with (she goes to school, UNHAPPY FACE BIG TIME), and it doesn't need a lot of drawing, like say of bodies which I'm completely incapable of doing. Since a comic is graphical by nature, I barely consider an all text comic to even count as one, an exception being this comic: 20020105, and only when it's rare. Candice taught me a few very basic basics on drawing faces, notice the straight lines here showing that I can follow directions at least minimally, if nothing else: 20020309. Of all the shitty comics I've drawn, the best, drawing wise, would probably be this one: 20020704, since there is an actual facial expression on both faces here, and you can tell what both facial expressions are expressing. For Candice, it's probably a one minute work. For me, it's some kind of divine stroke of luck. Now let's all group hug and cry. Don't worry... Cornelius, you can cry.


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